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Sun, Jun 04, 2017
Series: Meaningless
Duration: 40 mins 41 secs
Pleasure: the word speaks for itself. God created us as pleasure-seeking creatures. Unfortunately, we have not learned how to align discipleship with desire. We keep following Jesus as a matter of intellect and maintain low-grade guilt for enjoying much of the world. Pleasure for its own sake, says Q in Ecclesiastes, is an idol and dead end. Pleasure as a pointer to God, however, is a guiltless good. So desire God and enjoy life.
Sun, Dec 13, 2015
Passage: Luke 2:8-20 & Luke
Duration: 45 mins
Christians often get the bum reputation of being solemn, grim, and all too serious. The Christmas story provides a corrective. Old, barren couples and virgins give birth. Shepherds become God's PR people. And "Good News of great JOY" shouts from the heavens. These elements add to the JOY of the Christmas story God intends His people to take and give to others. Regifting JOY is a challenge, but this sermon will address three of those challenges and invite us to praise God.
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