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Sun, Mar 08, 2015
Passage: John 7:1-52
Duration: 44 mins 46 secs
Jesus goes to the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukoth) and makes an audacious statement. To drive home his claim to be living water (John 7:37-39), a Jewish tour guide offers his insight on the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukoth), the greatest of Jewish celebrations. The accent of the "guest speaker" may not be great, but the content will give rich meaning to Jesus profession in John 7. It will make you want to praise.
Sun, Feb 22, 2015
Duration: 43 mins 59 secs
Jesus meets us at our points of desperation. In fact, desperate situations often drive us to Jesus. It is the times of resolution where we drift. Prayers flow in crisis; they stagnate in times of peace. As I pastor I often have people ask me to pray for upcoming surgeries, lingering ailments, financial and relational struggles, but rarely do people come to me with praise. It's an unfortunate cycle that plagues me as much as the next person. A thoughtful reflection on John 4:43-5:47 calls Christ-followers to own their sense of desperation. We are not called to create crisis in our lives, but to realize apart from God's intervention we are poor, week, sad, and hungry. We are desperate. And our desperation should drive us to pray.
Sun, Feb 15, 2015
Passage: John 4:1-45
Duration: 45 mins 10 secs
Jesus welcomes worship from unexpected people in unexpected places. The prime example takes place in John 4:1-45, where he invites a Samaritan woman with plenty of baggage to claim him as Messiah and drink from the spring of eternal life. Like his previous conversation with Nicodemus (John 3:1-21), Jesus turns physical matters (birth, drink) into spiritual metaphors (regeneration, eternal life). The Samaritan woman cannot believe Jesus would address her -- not necessarily because her status as a widow or divorcee, but because her status as a Samaritan. Typically, Jews avoided them. Jesus turns this perception on its head. He welcomes true worship, in spite of status, stigma, or struggle. And true worship is simply telling God the truth about Himself.
Sun, Feb 08, 2015
Passage: John 3:1-21
Duration: 40 mins 20 secs
Nicodemus gets answers to his spiritual questions, but they are not the answers he expected. The dialogue between him and Jesus suggests the Pharisee has some way to go before he will confess Jesus is the Christ. Answers to our spiritual questions do not save us. God's spirit works from the outside to change us from within. We need His Spirit and Son for eternal change. For new birth.
Sun, Jan 25, 2015
Passage: John 2:13-25
Duration: 43 mins 56 secs
Jesus shows righteous indignation when visiting the Temple in Jerusalem. The court of the Gentiles has been converted into an emporium. The oxen, sheep, doves, and money-changers have cluttered up an area intended for worship. Jesus reacts as a prophet, fashioning a whip and forcing business transactions from the premises. His zealous inspection should inspire us to give attention to the distractions we bring to worship, both in our facilities and in our hearts.
Sun, Jan 18, 2015
Passage: John 2:1-12
Duration: 36 mins 19 secs
Jesus gives a picture of righteous indulgence. He uses the celebratory moment of a marriage feast to point beyond to life abundant with the glorious Bridegroom (Himeself!). Jesus fills our joyous moments with glorious anticipation. We should not forsake momentary joy, but neither should we idolize the moment.
Sun, Jan 11, 2015
Passage: John 1:19-51
Duration: 40 mins 36 secs
A sermon recounting the first followers of Jesus: Andrew, John, Peter, Philip, and Nathaniel. They cannot turn down Jesus' invitation to "come and see."
Sun, Jan 04, 2015
Passage: John 1:1-18
Duration: 38 mins 45 secs
Sermon about Jesus personally dwelling with us on earth, as described in John 1:1-18. Sermon includes background details to Gospel of John.
Sun, May 05, 2013
Passage: 1 John 3:4-10
Series: Luminous
John provides no middle ground. We are either born-again children of God, or bastard children of the devil. Those fathered by the latter live in rebellion. Sin is default. Those who are fathered by God practice righteousness and break the bonds of sin. John's language is stronger: They don't sin (3:6, 9). This sermon deals with sin, the devil, and Jesus' atonement. He saved us from our sins, and then some. We owe Him our allegiance.
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