Who We Are

Leesburg Grace is a small church (around 100) in a small town (around 600) with an immense God. We were established in 1964 as a local congregation of Jesus followers. Our vision is to resource our people in Christ and reach others for Christ. Our ministries, activities, and worship services move us in this direction. 

Typically our services start a few minutes late (10:20) and the sermons run long (40-45 minutes). In spite of our informal style of dress, music, and teaching, we share a deep affection for Jesus and one another. We have three different worship teams, both which blend contemporary music and hymns. Most people stand during the singing, but several rest weary knees and backs. Clapping is rare, but you will definitely appreciate the hearing the voices of our congregation. Children remain with their parents during the singing, and then the youngest attend a classes (3-7; 8-12) during the sermon time. Every Sunday volunteers staff a nursery.

Worship services encourage participation. People share testimonies and prayer requests, do interviews and responsive readings, and engage in surveys and games. A wireless microphone regularly makes its way around the room, committed to hearing from the body "a song, psalm, or spiritual song, or word of encouragement" (1 Cor. 14:3, 26; Eph. 5:19).

Preaching is Bible-centered. Pastor Tim uses a variety of translations, including the NIV, ESV, and New American Standard Bible. He engages the congregation with stories, visual aids, Prezi, a flurry of literary references, cultural rants, and an occasional outburst of song. The goal of each sermon is transformation. Applications are both personal and corporate, belief-based and practice-oriented.

While the worship service serves as a central gathering point, there are plenty of opportunities to connect outside of Sundays. We offer book clubs, Bible studies, youth group, men's and women's retreats, service projects, and community building events. Most importantly, we encourage people to befriend others, providing support and encouragement in their with Jesus. Community cannot be programmed. Be intentional.

Our church is part of the Charis Fellowship and agrees with its doctrinal statement (Commitmnet to Common Identity).